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Herbal Medicine Consultation


Herbal Medicine Consultation

with Dr. Diaz

Herbs have been used as the primary form of medicine in developing countries, and over 80 years, humans have depended almost on medicinal herbs to treat their illnesses. Now hundreds of millions of people take herbs to stay healthy and constitutionally well in the face of chronic disease, stress, toxicity and pollution. In addition, people use herbal medicine for many health issues, including pain, detox, infertility, hormone balance, colds, and flu.

Scientific research also shows that plants can effectively assist the body healing processes without causing reactions or toxic effects.

Herbal medicine can complement conventional treatments, providing well-tolerated, safe herbs for health challenges. It uses energetic, nutritive, and therapeutic herbs to support the body to regain good health.

Herbs can be used internally and externally as teas, fomentations, tinctures, poultices and pills. As a medical herbalist, Dr. Diaz is professionally trained in herbal medicine to know modern pharmacology and historical uses of plants to formulate the best herbal formulas to suit your individual needs.

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A Natural Life

Based in Galway, Ireland, Dr. Suraya Diaz has dedicated her life to the science of good health and has recently launched ‘A Natural Life’, a line of healthy all natural products to help people regain control, health and happiness.
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