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Specialised Hypnotherapy


Specialised Hypnotherapy

with Dr. Diaz

Specialised Hypnotherapy that gives you the results you want fast

Dr. Diaz uses Specialised Hypnotherapy with several modern cutting-edge psychological techniques as a therapeutic approach to maximise the effectiveness and speed at which your presenting problem can be improved or solved. Hypnosis will be used to facilitate your inward focus in a process of relaxation where your subconscious mind will become more dominant and your conscious mind less prevalent.

You will be directed during a session to focus internally by using your imagination or recollections and to become less concerned with outward input controlled by the five senses. This will give you access to your subconscious mind, which controls 95% of the brain activity that governs the automatic bodily processes that keep us alive, including breathing, sleeping, immunity, walking, blood circulation, organ function, etc. Additionally, the subconscious controls our behaviours, habits, addictions, values, creativity, emotions, personalities, beliefs, cognitive biases, and long-term memory.

During a Specialised Hypnotherapy session, you can interact directly with your subconscious and focus specifically on the areas you want to improve. With Dr. Diaz’s guidance, the core of unhelpful beliefs, the root cause of restricting thoughts, and behavioural patterns can be found and changed easily into the long-lasting results you want.

Research has shown that six sessions of Hypnotherapy have 93% long-term effectiveness for altering habits, thoughts, and behaviours, as during hypnosis, you are more open to change. Whereas 600 sessions of Psychotherapy yielded a 38% success rate, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy had a 72% success rate with 22 sessions.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful for a variety of conditions, including anxiety, stress, phobias, irritability, panic, fear, restlessness, incapability to concentrate, low self-esteem or confidence, depression, anger, weight loss, eating disorders, hypnotic gastric band, insomnia, IBS, stomach issues, addictions (smoking, drinking, drugs, food, etc).

In addition to helping you reach your goals, Dr. Diaz – a certified, insured, and registered Specialised Hypnotherapist – can also help you live a calmer, more peaceful, happy, and balanced life.

Reach Your PERFECT YOU Fast with Specialised Hypnotherapy

A Specialised Hypnotherapy session includes:

  • Up to 2h:30min tailored hypnosis session
  • A personalised hypnotherapy program to help you achieve your goals
  • An empowering bespoke recording


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Based in Galway, Ireland, Dr. Suraya Diaz has dedicated her life to the science of good health and has recently launched ‘A Natural Life’, a line of healthy all natural products to help people regain control, health and happiness.
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