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Is Homeopathy a quackery?

According to Hahnemann, the potentization of substances unleashes the internal medicinal powers of crude substances making them penetratingly effective and helpful, even in cases where the crude substances did not have any medicinal proposes. This is achieved through a process is called dynamization or potentization (development of medicinal power) in which mechanical action is applied to substance smallest particles by trituration and succession. This process of particles separation is indifferent to the substance state, e.g. dry or liquid. This procedure develops the latent dynamic powers of the substance which were previously unnoticeable (Hahenmann, 2001).

Scientific research has confirmed Hahnemann theories by finding the presence of physical entities in extreme dilutions 30c and 200c which are many orders of magnitude bigger than Avogadro’s number. These physical entities were found to be of nanoparticles of the starting materials and their aggregates (Chikramane et al., 2010). Additionally, these nanoparticles are measurable and heterogeneously dispersed in the colloidal solution. They act by modulating biological function in response to the body allostatic stress and by stimulating biphasic actions on living systems through organism-dependent adaptive and endogenous amplified effects which in general will contribute to improving overall systemic resilience (Bell and Koithan, 2012). Furthermore, scientific research has found hormetic activation in homeopathic high-potency remedies (Prashant et al., 2017).

From what was described above we can understand that homeopathic remedies indeed have content.
We can expect that science will continue helping to explain nature’s mechanisms and roles in several areas. This includes homeopathy. It is important to understand that science has its limitations and it is dependent on itself and on technology. We are now able to observe much more than ever before, however there is a whole universe of phenomena still out there waiting to be discovered, described and explained. Just because we can’t explain something now it does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Let us know if there any other homeopathic products that you would like to see here.


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