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Success StoriesBest Help for the Fertility Problems

Best Help for the Fertility Problems

My husband and I had always wanted a family, with both of us coming from large families. We had always agreed we wanted the same for ourselves. We took it for granted that we would have no problem but after two years of trying without success we became worried. After visiting our GP and several clinical examinations later he couldn’t find any problem with either of us. We left the doctors that day without any answers and as the time passed.

We became increasingly desperate which was putting a strain on our relationship. After a chance meeting with an old school friend of mine some months later, our conversation went to chatting about children, my friend seen straight away the topic hit a nerve with me and after telling her about our struggle to have children, that she had the same problem and gone through a similar journey like us and that her life changed when she and her husband went through Dr. Diaz clinic.

She gave me the contact for Dr. Diaz clinic and since then our lives totally changed. After a visit to Dr Diaz we began to see our health and lifestyle in a whole new light. She explained to us that the body needs to be cared for as a whole and not just addressing individual problems, which totally made sense.

We left that day with a specially tailored plan for both of us which included diet and lifestyle changes, along with herbal remedies and supplements. We stuck to the plan and over the next few weeks we noticed huge improvements in our energy and our overall general health, we still had very busy lifestyles, but we found it much easier to cope with the usual stresses of daily life.

On Dr Diaz’s advice we took a break from trying for a baby for a while which was actually a great relief, we went on holidays that summer maybe six months into our plan, on the last day of the break I awoke with terrible nausea which I put down to food poisoning. We arrived home the next morning with me feeling nauseous again, a thought crossed my mind of morning sickness, but I dared not let myself get carried away after so many previous disappointments. After two more days I finally plucked up the courage to take a test and there it was, I couldn’t believe it, I took the test three more times with the same result, pregnant!!!! I went to my GP who confirmed it and now two years later we have the most gorgeous little girl, who is the centre of our universe.

Thanks to Dr Diaz our dreams have come through, we have continued with what we’ve learned and apply it everyday day in our little family. I couldn’t recommend Dr Diaz highly enough and I’am so grateful for all her help.

Me and my husband started trying for a baby, unfortunately after 2 years we had no luck and our doctor could not find anything wrong with us either. We were desperate and that was causing an enormous amount of stress in our relationship and lives. After a consultation with Dr. Diaz, our lives totally changed.


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A Natural Life

Based in Galway, Ireland, Dr. Suraya Diaz has dedicated her life to the science of good health and has recently launched ‘A Natural Life’, a line of healthy all natural products to help people regain control, health and happiness.
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